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Package Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Principle of Operation

Cooling Towers come in many different shapes and sizes. They range from small 3 feet * 3 feet factory assembled models to large field erected cooling towers capable to rejecting thousands of BTU / Kcal of heat. Although the shapes and sizes can vary, the principle of operation remains the same.

Warm water from the heat source is pumped to the water distribution system at the top of the tower. The water is distributed over the wet deck fill by means of nozzles. Simultaneously, air is drawn through air inlet louvers and through the wet deck surface causing a small portion of the water to evaporate. The evaporative process removes heat from the water. The warm moist air is drawn out of the top of the tower by the fan and discharged to the atmosphere. The resulting cold water is then recirculated back through the heat source in a continuous cycle.

Wide Range of Capacity in Package CT

Starting from 10 TR capacity upto 500 TR in single cell and with FRP basin option and 8-10 cells in multi-cells in single row option are available. And without FRP basin option (i.e. with RCC basin, by others) upto 1000 TR in single cell and 8-10 cells in multi-cells in single row option are available to meet any type of cooling requirement in FRP package segment.


Standard “ Nirvana ” cooling tower structure shall be MS Hot Deep Galvanized and suitably design to withstand wind load, seismic load and extended life. For corrosive atmospheric condition, Zinc based epoxy cote provided to improve life further. As an option SS-304 or SS-316 or SS-316L structure could be supplied.

Casing & Fan Deck

The endwalls and sidewalls of the tower from air inlet elevation to the top of perimeter fan deck shall be cased with corrugated non-corrosive FRP panels attached to tower columns. Fan deck shall be of FRP.

PVC Film Fills

The principle of operation of cooling tower fill is to put as much water surface area in contact with as much air as possible, for the longest amount of time possible. Film fills allow the water to form thin flowing sheets to expose as much water surface area as possible to the interacting airflow.

We use PVC cross-fluted film fills, which offer maximum heat exchange surface area, minimum pressure drop and higher water-air mixing time in result increase cooling tower thermal efficiency. Fills are double edge folded to provide additional strength, erosion resistance at edges and longer life. These PVC fill shall be resistant to rot, decay, or biological attack and non-brittle. The PVC fills have excellent fire resistant qualities, with a flame spread rating as per ASTM-E84.

Higher temperature fills are available for water temperatures exceeding 55 degree  C. For dirty water quality package tower with Splash Fills can be supplied. Consult your “Nirvana” representative for further details.

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